India and the formation of the films

Bollywood film is highly popular, not only in India, but all over the world, as more and more audiences fall in love with the winning formula of good over evil in an epic setting.

How Indian Film Works

The background of India and the formation of the films is vital. Almost every Bollywood film follows the same basic principles and they all include the nine rasas – veera, shringara, adbhuta, hasya, shanta, raudra, karuna, vibshata and bhayanaka which can be interpreted loosely as courage, love, mystery, joy, peace, anger, sadness, self pity and fear. The plot is always epic and has a cast of characters which fit rigid specifications. The mewling coward, the spiteful mother in law, the innocent maiden, the brave hero, the angry father, the clown and so on. Exaggerated mannerisms and facial expressions are used and the acting is often a secondary consideration, and everything is highly emphasised to the point of absurdity, all part of the beauty of Indian film.

The Basic Premise Of Indian Film

The land is integral to India and the formation of the films. India is seen as the great mother, and the hero must not only protect the innocent maiden, but must protect the integrity of mother India from invaders and those who would change her. The great Indian epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are integral to Indian film. Even the name, ‘maha’ means great and ‘Bharat’ is a common name for India, is synonymous with the whole idea of India as the main driving character. Many Indian texts and films refer to each other constantly, and the epics are the underlying basis. Great Himalayan backdrops, fantastic scenery and larger than life characters all contribute to the overall idea of the film.

The formula is unchanged over hundreds of Indian films, yet they all have a vital zest for life that carries the highly stylised plot and makes them popular the world over. The musical is a popular medium and is normally included to greater or lesser extent in all Indian films. However, the one thing that really makes them work is India herself.

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