Film City

Motion picture industry has captivated millions of audiences and set free a huge potential from the time when the first movie was screened in Mumbai, India more than a hundred years ago. This immense enthusiasm has created the largest film producing country in the world – India. The nation produces almost a thousand feature films each year. Short films, documentary, commercials and advertising films are also a large part of the industry.

The Facility

A large film studio complex with all facilities, Film City, spread over 520 acres, is designed close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. It is the key location for shooting Hindi films and is a major part of Bollywood. The complex comprises of numerous recording rooms, theatres, water bodies, gardens, villages and more with a huge ground where many Bollywood movies are shot. This studio has been developed by the state government to encourage the Indian film industry and was renamed in the in memory of the producer/director/screenwriter Dadasaheb Phalke who was the pioneer in the industry.

Complete Movie Making Complex

This facility is synonymous with Bollywood and is open for public visit. Prior permission has to be taken to see the studio. It is like a dream world for the visitors, with everything just perfect and beautiful. The highlights include life-like sets where most movies are shot. Visitors can see the filming of films with its celebrated stars. The studio is designed on the lines of California Film Complex in United States of America and offers clear concept about shooting movies in India. The facility is fitted with sophisticated state-of-the-art gadgets to create top class movies. All the important features of making a cinema such as shooting, recording, editing, sound, music and more can be accomplished in the complex. Other than films, numerous television shows are also created here. Mumbai Film City has made humongous contribution to the flourishing Hindi film industry.

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