Dance scenes in Bollywood movies

The drama of the dance

There are many words that could be used to describe Bollywood dance scenes in Indian movies, they’re certainly dramatic enough to warrant only the most imaginative ones. Loud, colourful, vibrant, and unique to choose but a few. It’s not altogether certain where Bollywood dance scenes originated, but they have evolved to encompass different dance styles that create an imaginative and passionate dance that have enchanted Indian audiences for many years.

What can we expect from dance scenes in Bollywood movies?

Although Bollywood dance scenes have changed over the years to fuse both modern and old, there are some things that remain the same. There will always be ambitious settings and striking surroundings to accommodate the drama so readily identified with Bollywood dance. Today these famous dance scenes will fuse both older more traditional dance moves alongside more modern Western steps. This helps to hold the interests of a younger audience alongside the older and more traditional audience members that have always enjoyed Bollywood movies.

In the moment

Bollywood dance scenes can be very emotional, the steps are dramatic and are matched by equally dramatic music, which is usually written for the film. Indian movies are usually musicals and this is the most popular type with an Indian audience. Bollywood films are unique to India and the dance scenes form part of this unique phenonmena. These emotional and dramatic dance scenes are matched by breathtaking costumes and vivid colours.

East meets West

Western audiences have in recent years become more aware of Bollywood musicals. Their dance scenes especially have captured audiences in the West and now, it is not just Indian movies that are incorporating Western dance moves, Western audiences are now seeing modern urban dances fused with Bollywood steps.

Bollywood has come into Western mainstream and with it their beautiful and imaginative dance scenes.